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Marmi Calacatta 160x320_63"x126" Lap. Ret.

Marmi Calacatta 160x320_63”x126” Lap. Ret.

Marmi Calacatta 160x320_63"x126" Lap. Ret.

Marmi Calacatta 160x320_63"x126" Lap. Ret. - 160x160 _63"x63" Lap. Ret.

Marmi Calacatta Slab A_B 160x320_63”x126” Lap. Ret. - Contemporanei Skyline Antracite 160x320_63”x126” Nat. Ret.

Pavimento / Floor Skyline Antracite 160x320_63x126 Nat. Ret. - Mobile rivestito con / Forniture clad with Marmi Calacatta Lap. Ret.

With their subtle veining and stark white shades, Tuscan marbles have been used by artists such as Michelangelo and Bernini to render their works immortal. This uniqueness has inspired the I Marmi series, which recreates the excellence of the colours and textures of such marbles in a ceramic version. Up-to-the-minute digital printing technology is used to create endless surface graphics, producing a collection whose natural feel is always set off perfectly by fresh and original designs.

Marmi Calacatta


  • 120x120 6mm
  • 120x240 6mm
  • 160x160 6mm
  • 160x320 6mm
  • 60x120 10mm
  • 60x60 10mm solo/only Calacatta&Statuario
  • 80x160 6mm
  • 80x80 6mm


  • Dry-pressed porcelain stoneware slabs


  • Lappato and rectified
  • Natural and rectified